Home based work

A cost effective way to guaranty your data integrity and quality.

Project Design and Planning

Before the first shot of your survey is fired and the first trace recorded, our survey designers professionally provide you the best way to reveal the deepest of your subsurface targets. Using the best software's available in the market, they will do all their efforts to deliver you a cost effective design that matches your quality expectation in time.

Project Management

With the new communication means a seismic project can be manage from a Consultant home base office with occasional visit to the Client, the Contractors and the field crew. With daily contacts with the Birddog on the field, the Project Manager in some cases can achieve the same performances than when based in the Client office.

Contract and Tender Document

Most of the seismic acquisition projects I had to recently supervised were totally inadapted to the real field conditions and it costed a lot of money to the Client. Equipment and personnel lists on the contract were vague and reimbursable items list covered almost anything. The chargeable stand time for weather or other field impediment had no limit and the items were not clearly defined. Real field condition and local weather forecast are often ignored or under estimated by the Geophysical Contactor. For your next seismic acquisition project I can offer to prepare or to review your tender document and contract and to help you in the selection of your seismic Contractor. I can operate either from client's office or provide a truly outsourced service from my home office. A few thousands of €uros spent in your contract analysis and review can safe you hundred of thousands of € ! 

Data Quality Control from Home 

Most of the seismic "birgddog" based on the field crew for 6 weeks or more , in sometime poor conditions, will lose interest and become to follow a simple basic daily QC routine. The level of vigilance will drop and your data become at risk.

With only a couple of weeks spent on a field crew, at the start of the project, an experience Consultant can organize the Data Quality Control (document to provide every day like OBS report, vibrators QC, all Sercel QC files etc..) and set up the acquisition guide lines for the whole project. All these daily QC files, including Party Chief daily report, can be send by FTP to the home base consultant who can prepare a daily QC summary and check the Party Chief daily report before approval. 

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